February 14th is a day when we celebrate the Valentine’s Day. On that day, many people send to objects of their attention a “valentine” – a love letter or a confession with kind words of warm feelings that they have towards loved ones. Couples, on the other hand, give each other small presents or other gifts.

Valentine’s Day, contrary to popular opinion, is neither a new holiday nor one that came to us from the United States. The very name of the event comes from the name of Saint. Valentine, who was a patron of lovers.

Valentine’s day starts its history in Middle Ages. It was in England and France where Valentine’s Day found the largest audience – on that day young girls tried to guess who would be their husband in the future 🙂 Flowers given to women became a tradition in the 16th century, when – during the ball which was organized by one of the daughters of the King of France Henry IV – young ladies were given a bouquet of flowers from their bachelors. Years later, in 1800, an American woman – Esther Howland – initiated the tradition of sending Valentine’s cards containing poems and confessions of love.

Regardless of everything, the Feast of Love is approaching. It’s the perfect moment to slow down a little, spend time with your loved ones and thank him or her for all the time spent together. On this occasion, we would like to present you Valentine’s menu set by our Chef – Krzysztof Nawrocki. And the main theme of the tasting menu is seafood – a powerful aphrodisiac in the power of which famous Casanova truly believed.

Valentine’s menu in options:

120 PLN | os – 5 dishes

190 PLN | os – 7 dishes

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