Fat Thursday, or – in other words – Shrovetide always falls on the last Thursday of the carnival.

Initially, the holiday symbolized the departure of winter and the upcoming springtime. In pagan times – during the Fat Thursday event – according to the tradition, people were consuming all kinds of meat, pork fat and cabbage, not to mention alcoholic drinks, which were the constant companion to the served dishes. With the beginning of the sixteenth century, meat dishes were supplanted by sweet donuts, which began to reign on all tables. There is also a superstition from that time saying that – to ensure a good fortune for the whole year – everyone is obliged to eat a donut on Fat Thursday.

In our restaurant we are aware of the seriousness of the holiday, not to mention the saying that can scare even the breavest ones and – not to tempt the fate – we invite all our guests for sweet donuts. And for all the gourmands for whom the New Year’s resolutions can be postponed, we offer sweet treats for dessert.