A great fan of modern compositions of flavors. As he notices himself, the most important thing in the art of cooking is the quality of products and various techniques of their preparation which give the possibility to extract the deepest taste and aroma of dishes. The ingredients of each dish are carefully verified and selected to create a perfect whole that can satisfy even the most demanding palates of our guests.

His passion for cooking, strong character, consistency and persistent pursuit of perfection allowed him to claim the highest level in the gastronomic hierarchy. Ambition and experience led him to the podium of the Polish Culinary Cup 2012, in which he was awarded 2nd place. Taking a high position in a competition recognized by professional chefs as the most significant in Poland aroused in him the appetite for further successes.

He gained the knowledge in the field of gastronomy in many European countries, not only increasing the experience but also raising his professional qualifications. He spent the last 4 years in Switzerland, exploring the secrets of French and Mediterranean cuisine. It is where he learned how important the excellent quality of products, professionalism, and sophisticated, complete taste are.

The chefs with whom he worked with during this period showed him how important is a fresh, natural product, especially the one obtained from local producers and from home manufactories. There he also learned how much a compatible team and a positive atmosphere among co-workers mean. Today – as the Chef in the KARCZOCH Restaurant – he builds a harmonious team of chefs in a spirit of respect and trust.

The experience he gained during those years translated into the skill of sophisticated work with high-quality products, thanks to which it is possible to combine classical cuisine with modern culinary trends. 


Karol Borkowski

A graduate of the gastronomic and hotel technical college in Warsaw. As he says himself, gastronomy is his whole life. He cultivates his passion for cooking in the KARCZOCH Restaurant, learning new flavors and gaining experience.

Wiktoria Podobas

As she constantly accentuates, the work in gastronomy allows her to express herself – emphasize temperament, passion and stimulates creativity. In KARCZOCH Restaurant, she is responsible for preparing delicious cakes, sweet desserts and colorful tarts.