“Nouvelle Cuisine” Tasting Menu had its premiere on Saturday, February 17th, 2018.

During the Opening Dinner, the Chef – Krzysztof Nawrocki – charmed all guests with 9-course menu.

The first presented dish was an oyster with pomelos and ginger foam. After the oyster, the Chef served Foie Gras accompanied by mousses with passion fruit and plum. Then – as a hot appetizer – were presented mussels on a lobster sauce with chorizo powder. The fourth dish was Bouillabaisse, a French fish soup with an adviser, perch, and monkfish. The fifth entrance was reserved for lychee granita, that was served in the form of an interlude, which appeared during the dinner to clean the taste buds from the previous dishes. Next in line was colorful ravioli with Hokkaido pumpkin and spinach. The seventh dish was a veal loin with Foie Gras, decorated with Romanesque cauliflower and carrot. After the main course guests received a cheese board with Brillat Savarin, Langres and St. Nectaire. The sweet top of the evening was a dessert – a cherry sorbet with French pastry and fruit. All of the invited guests also received a chocolate gift from the Chef – delicious pralines.

We would like to thank the entire team of the KARCZOCH Restaurant for the commitment and work that was put into preparing this special evening.

Full photo report available on our FB!