About us

A closer look at our philosophy

Taste, quality, style – these words define our cuisine, an approach to gastronomy and principles on the basis of which we crystallize the philosophy of our Restaurant.

In the KARCZOCH Restaurant, our guests are able to get a taste not only of the classic French cuisine but also of the dishes created by using modern techniques of molecular cuisine, which is known for combining delicacy, crunchiness, lightness, freshness and extracting a deep bouquet of aromas from individual ingredients.

Our cuisine is being characterized by the ability to compose ingredients in a way that stimulates compelling sensory experiences and presents the richness of prepared dishes.

Prepared dishes resemble graphic, modern compositions. Combination of different structures, geometric placement of products on the plate and sophisticated selection of flavors allow us to present single ingredient in many – completely different from known and seen before – forms. Furthermore, carefully selected ingredients create a subtle harmony of flavors being a pillar on which a modern, professional culinary art should be based.

The KARCHOCH Restaurant was created for guests who value elegance, seek inspiration, sophisticated culinary discoveries and who are able to appreciate the unique range of flavors. The decor of two restaurant rooms inspired by Provence, nouvelle cuisine, professional service and romantic music create a whole that can move all senses.